Marshall set for June 8 MMA debut in Newcastle

Marshall set for June 8 MMA debut in Newcastle

More than seven months after first revealing her move to MMA, former undisputed super middleweight champion Savannah Marshall finally has a date for her debut in the cage, which pits her against multi-sport phenom TBA on June 8th in Newcastle.

PFL’s press release claims Marshall (13-1, 10 KO) will fight at women’s lightweight, meaning 155 pounds. She’s never weighed in below 159 for any of her boxing matches, meaning the weight cut may prove a more daunting foe than whoever PFL sacrifices to please the local fans.

As I’ve said before, though, it’s a necessary trial if she wants her run to have any sort of legitimacy. There are virtually no noteworthy female fighters above 145, which itself is largely barren. Outside of rematching Shields in four-ounce gloves or facing someone like Larissa Pacheco or Cris Cyborg who would absolutely annihilate her, Marshall’s pickings are slim.

That said, they’re also slim in boxing. With Shadasia Green flaming out, a rematch with Franchon Crews-Dezurn is all she has to look forward to at 168. 160 is even worse, with the 39-year-old, 2-0 Kaye Scott sitting behind Shields at no. 2. At least this figures to be more interesting.

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