‘Couldn’t see anything’: Tszyu reacts to split decision loss to Fundora

‘Couldn’t see anything’: Tszyu reacts to split decision loss to Fundora

Tim Tszyu appeared for the post-fight press conference following his split decision loss to Sebastian Fundora over the weekend and fielded media questions about the fight and the cut he suffered which obviously had adverse effects on how he was able to perform. Check out some of what Tszyu had to say about his reaction to what transpired.

Tszyu on the fight with Fundora

“It was a good war, I’d say. I started off well. Fundora’s an awkward type of opponent, very tall, rangy, flicks that jab. I feel like I did isolate his punches when I was able to sort of feel him out. I think the cut did, of course, play a part a bit. Couldn’t see anything and there was plenty of blood but no excuses, the better man won tonight.

“I want to come back and do it again and fight the very best out there. Had one week notice but yeah, it is what it is.”

On if he wants to rematch Fundora

“Of course I would, he’s got my belt now. But I’m going to have a little two week rest and then I’ll get back in the gym. I want to fight the best, I want to make the mega fights happen…I still believe I’m at the very top of the tree.”

On the cut he received early in the fight

“I remember just putting my head down like that and it was just like a fountain of blood coming out. I was like ‘this can’t be good.’”

On ‘Stitch’ Duran saying the cut he received was the worst kind to get in boxing and if he felt fatigued from all the blood loss

“The eyesight was just gone. I literally couldn’t see, I had to wipe my eyes nonstop. Like physically I felt still alright, you’re just fighting with blurry vision. It’s not ideal, especially with Fundora.”

On if he ever considered having the fight stopped because of the cut

“Nah. I took Fundora on a week’s notice, I am who I am. I’m a warrior and this is what I do. A bit of blood ain’t ever killed nobody, let’s just say that.”

On the commentary that his corner wasn’t prepared with the right stuff to stop the excessive bleeding

“No comment.”

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