Jake Paul: “Canelo, stop ducking. I know you want it. it’s Puerto Rico vs Mexico!”

Jake Paul: “Canelo, stop ducking. I know you want it. it’s Puerto Rico vs Mexico!”

Jake Paul, the former vlogger who once graced our screens with…uh, content, has now decided he’s the next big thing in boxing. Fresh off his ‘earth-shattering’ victory against Ryan Bourland, he’s setting his sights on the stars. And by stars, I mean Canelo Alvarez, the super-middleweight champion. I know, try to hold back your laughter.

So, after wowing the world with his boxing prowess against Bourland, a former Golden Gloves champion no less (because apparently, that’s all it takes these days), Paul is riding high with a professional record of 9-1. And what does any sensible boxing newcomer with a handful of wins do? Naturally, they call out one of the most accomplished boxers in the world. Because, why not?

Paul, in his infinite wisdom and modesty, declared on DAZN, “I mean, he was supposed to give it to me, right? This guy has 19 fights, he’s super experienced. I guess we’ve got to step it up way more.” Oh, the humility! He’s ready, folks. He’s getting sharp. Boxing is his life now, and he’s on this delusional journey to becoming a world champion.

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And then, the cherry on top: “Canelo, stop ducking. I know you want it.” Yes, because if there’s one thing keeping Canelo Alvarez awake at night, it’s the fear of facing Jake Paul. He even played the national pride card, trying to stir up a Puerto Rico vs. Mexico rivalry. Because, you know, that’s exactly what this fight would be about.

Paul wants all the biggest names because, in his words, he’s the face of boxing. I mean, who else is doing more for the sport than him? He’s proving himself time and time again, folks, by beating people who barely fight back and then calling out champions who probably don’t even know his name.

After Bourland barely managed to return any punches, the referee mercifully called it quits with 23 seconds left in the first round. And despite Paul’s grand call-out, he’s mysteriously coy about his next opponent. Probably because, as he puts it, “a lot of these guys don’t want to sign the contract,” especially when he keeps doing…whatever it is he thinks he’s doing to his opponents.

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But fear not, he’s on the path to becoming a world champion, ready for tougher fights, unless a money fight pops up because, let’s be honest, that’s what it’s really about. So, get ready, boxing world, for the unstoppable force that is Jake Paul. Or, you know, just continue watching actual boxing.

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