‘This is going to make him a way bigger superstar’: Trainer talks Garcia’s big win over Haney

‘This is going to make him a way bigger superstar’: Trainer talks Garcia’s big win over Haney

Trainer Robert Garcia shares his perspective on Ryan Garcia’s win over Devin Haney, how that win bolsters his career going forward, and why he would bring Haney back slowly if it were up to him. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Robert Garcia on Ryan’s win over Devin

“I think Ryan landing that hook in the first round and hurting Haney was what gave him that confidence in knowing he could do it. And look, dropped him three times — I can’t say made it look easy because the rounds were very close and actually if there had been no knockdowns, Haney would’ve probably won. But the knockdowns made a difference…

“Ryan has a great left hook, put him on top of the world. He’s already very popular, this is going to make him a way bigger superstar. He earned it, man. He earned it.”

On how long it might take Haney to recover physically and psychologically from this fight

“Derrick James has a point, he’s young. So the kid will recover. He’ll come back, he’ll be a champion again. I don’t think this is the end of his career but he does need to take maybe the rest of the year off. Start training at the end of the year, fight sometime next year.

“I wouldn’t recommend him fight this year unless he gets a stay-busy, tune-up fight end of the year, then he can get away with it. But another big, solid fight — a rematch — he shouldn’t. A rematch should happen maybe sometime summer of next year if he wants a rematch.”

On the WBC deciding not to vacate Haney’s world title and allowing him to keep it despite the loss

“Honestly, the first thing is when you’re opponent doesn’t make weight and it’s still a title fight and you lose the fight, the title should be vacant. That’s just the way it’s always been, is the rule. If it was a title fight, it only counted for Haney because he’s the champion. Ryan cannot become a champion if he wins, which is exactly what happened. But if you lose, you’re not the champion anymore. The title should’ve gone vacant.

“…Haney is still champion, which is okay for him for him too, but that means he has to defend his title so I would rather not have a title and come back slowly, with Haney.”

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