Hrgovic Predicts Knockout Victory Over Dubois on Saturday

Hrgovic Predicts Knockout Victory Over Dubois on Saturday

Filip Hrgovic is feeling confident ahead of his upcoming fight against Daniel Dubois in Riyadh this Saturday. Hrgovic predicts a knockout victory, setting his sights on becoming the IBF mandatory and potentially facing Anthony Joshua in the future. However, Dubois, coming off a career-best win, is determined to prove himself and secure a victory.

While Hrgovic believes a win is guaranteed, Dubois has a fighting chance if he remains aggressive and avoids illegal blows. The outcome of the match could determine their paths to a world title fight in the years to come.

Promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have contrasting predictions for the fight, with each backing their fighter to come out on top. Hrgovic and Dubois are locked in a war of words, with both confident in their ability to emerge victorious.

It’s evident that both fighters are ready to leave it all in the ring, determined to clinch a win on Saturday night. As anticipation builds for the matchup, fans can expect an electrifying showdown between two heavyweight contenders.

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