Jack Catterall’s Victory: A Ticket to a World Title Shot?

Jack Catterall’s Victory: A Ticket to a World Title Shot?

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has high hopes for his fighter, Jack Catterall, who recently defeated former undisputed light welterweight champion Josh Taylor in a rematch. Hearn believes that this victory will propel Catterall to the top of the list for a world title shot. However, some critics argue that Catterall’s fighting style lacks the excitement and skill of other fighters in his division.

Despite his ranking, many champions may not see Catterall as a lucrative opponent due to his unappealing boxing style. Hearn is eager to secure a title shot for Catterall against current champions like Teofimo Lopez, Subriel Matias, or Devin Haney. However, there are doubts about whether Catterall is ready to face these formidable opponents based on his recent performance.

One suggested match-up is between Catterall and powerhouse Jaron Ennis, which could generate interest in the UK. Hearn is determined to secure a title shot for Catterall, but it remains to be seen if the top fighters in the division will be willing to face him based on his lackluster performance against Taylor.

Overall, Catterall’s victory over Taylor has stirred up excitement in the boxing world, but questions remain about his ability to compete at the championship level. Hearn is optimistic about Catterall’s future, but it may take a significant challenge for Catterall to prove himself against the best in the division.

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