Devin Haney’s Dad Wants Ryan Garcia Banned from Sport

Devin Haney’s Dad Wants Ryan Garcia Banned from Sport

Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, is calling for Ryan Garcia to be banned from boxing after testing positive for the banned substance Ostarine in April. This means that Haney will not have the opportunity to avenge his loss to Garcia and potentially earn a significant payday.

The loss to Garcia will linger in fans’ memories unless Haney can make amends. It’s understandable that Bill would want to see Garcia removed from the sport if he doubts his son’s ability to win a rematch.

The New York State Athletic Commission has yet to make a decision on Garcia’s fate, considering whether to suspend, ban, or clear the 25-1 fighter. Garcia’s team has presented a negative hair follicle test, which may work in his favor when the Commission deliberates.

Even if the loss were removed from Haney’s record, the impact would remain the same. Garcia exposed weaknesses in Haney’s style, highlighting his weak chin and lack of punching power.

Bill Haney is adamant about Garcia being removed from boxing, citing his use of performance-enhancing drugs and unsportsmanlike conduct. Despite Haney’s success in the ring, Bill believes that strategic matchmaking has played a significant role in his career.

Ultimately, Haney’s future in the sport remains uncertain, with controversies surrounding Garcia’s positive drug test overshadowing his previous victories against top opponents.

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