why does curry chew his mouthguard

why does curry chew his mouthguard

Why Does Curry Chew His Mouthguard?

Stephen Curry, the renowned NBA player, is often seen chewing on his mouthguard during games. This peculiar habit has intrigued fans and analysts alike, sparking discussions and theories about its purpose. While there is no definitive answer, several factors could explain why Curry engages in this behavior.

1. Comfort and Focus

Chewing on a mouthguard may provide Curry with a sense of comfort and familiarity. Many athletes have rituals or habits that help them concentrate and stay focused during high-pressure situations. For Curry, chewing on his mouthguard could be a way to find that mental zone and perform at his best.

Furthermore, the repetitive motion of chewing may help Curry channel his energy and alleviate any nervousness or anxiety he may experience during games. By keeping his mouthguard in his mouth, he creates a continuous sensory input that can help him stay calm and composed.

2. Stress Relief

Playing professional basketball comes with immense pressure and stress. Chewing on a mouthguard could serve as a stress relief mechanism for Curry. Similar to how some people bite their nails or tap their fingers when feeling anxious, Curry’s habit of chewing on his mouthguard may help him release tension and manage stress during intense moments on the court.

Moreover, the physical act of chewing can trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. This release of feel-good chemicals may contribute to Curry’s overall mental well-being and help him stay focused and positive throughout the game.

3. Sensory Stimulation

The mouth is a sensory-rich area with numerous nerve endings. Chewing on a mouthguard can provide Curry with additional sensory stimulation, which may enhance his overall awareness and perception on the court. This heightened sensory input could help him react quickly to changes in the game and make split-second decisions.

Furthermore, the act of chewing can increase blood flow to the brain, potentially improving cognitive function and mental sharpness. This boost in brain activity may contribute to Curry’s exceptional basketball skills and ability to make precise passes and shots.

4. Habit and Superstition

Curry’s habit of chewing on his mouthguard may have developed over time as a personal ritual or superstition. Many athletes have idiosyncratic routines that they believe bring them luck or enhance their performance. For Curry, chewing on his mouthguard could be a deeply ingrained habit that he associates with success.

Superstitions can provide a psychological edge by giving athletes a sense of control over unpredictable situations. By adhering to his mouthguard-chewing routine, Curry may feel more confident and in control of his game, leading to improved performance.

5. Protection and Hygiene

While the primary purpose of a mouthguard is to protect the teeth and mouth from injury, chewing on it may serve an additional function for Curry. Constantly moving the mouthguard around with his teeth and tongue can help prevent it from slipping or becoming dislodged during intense physical contact on the court.

Moreover, chewing on the mouthguard could also help keep it clean and free from bacteria buildup. The saliva produced while chewing acts as a natural cleanser, reducing the risk of oral health issues and maintaining optimal hygiene.

6. Visual Distraction

Some speculate that Curry’s habit of chewing on his mouthguard could be a deliberate visual distraction technique. By drawing attention to his mouth, he may divert opponents’ focus away from his hands and feet, making it harder for them to anticipate his moves.

Additionally, the sight of Curry chewing on his mouthguard could serve as a psychological tactic, subtly intimidating his opponents and undermining their confidence. This psychological advantage may give Curry an edge on the court and contribute to his success as a player.

why does curry chew his mouthguard


While the exact reason behind Stephen Curry’s habit of chewing his mouthguard remains uncertain, it is likely a combination of factors. From comfort and focus to stress relief and sensory stimulation, Curry’s mouthguard-chewing habit may serve multiple purposes, both physical and psychological. Regardless of the specific reasons, it is undeniable that Curry’s unique habit has become an intriguing aspect of his game and a subject of fascination for fans and analysts alike.

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