why pacquiao wrap his own hands

why pacquiao wrap his own hands

Why Pacquiao Wraps His Own Hands

There are several reasons why Manny Pacquiao, the legendary Filipino boxer, chooses to wrap his own hands before a fight. This meticulous process is crucial for protecting his hands and ensuring he performs at his best. In this article, we will explore the various aspects that contribute to Pacquiao’s decision to wrap his own hands.

1. Familiarity and Control

why pacquiao wrap his own hands

One significant reason why Pacquiao wraps his own hands is the familiarity and control it provides. By doing it himself, he can customize the wrapping technique to suit his preferences and unique hand structure. This level of control allows him to feel more confident and comfortable during fights.

Pacquiao’s hands have endured years of intense training and countless fights. Wrapping his own hands allows him to maintain the same wrapping style consistently, ensuring he has a familiar feel and fit when wearing his gloves.

2. Personalized Fit and Comfort

Another crucial aspect of hand wrapping is achieving a personalized fit and maximum comfort. No two boxers have the same hand shape, and Pacquiao’s hands are no exception. By wrapping his own hands, he can adjust the tightness and padding to his liking, ensuring a snug fit that provides optimal support and padding where he needs it most.

Moreover, Pacquiao’s hands may change over time due to injuries or aging. By wrapping his own hands, he can adapt the wrapping technique to accommodate any changes, ensuring continued comfort and protection.

3. Ritual and Mental Preparation

Hand wrapping is not merely a physical process for Pacquiao; it is also a ritual that helps him mentally prepare for the upcoming fight. The act of wrapping his hands allows him to focus his mind, block out distractions, and enter a state of concentration and determination.

As he meticulously wraps each layer, Pacquiao can visualize his strategy, mentally rehearse his moves, and build confidence. This ritualistic aspect of hand wrapping has become an integral part of his pre-fight routine and helps him get into the right mindset for battle.

4. Trust and Self-Reliance

Pacquiao’s decision to wrap his own hands also stems from his trust in his own abilities. By taking charge of this crucial task, he demonstrates self-reliance and confidence in his skills. He knows that no one else can understand his hands and their needs better than himself.

Additionally, wrapping his own hands allows Pacquiao to maintain a sense of control over his own destiny. It symbolizes his determination to take responsibility for his own success and not rely solely on others.

5. Time Efficiency

Pacquiao is a seasoned professional who understands the importance of time efficiency during fight preparations. By wrapping his own hands, he eliminates the need to rely on someone else’s schedule or availability. This saves valuable time and allows him to focus on other aspects of his training.

Furthermore, Pacquiao can wrap his hands whenever and wherever he wants, whether it’s in the gym, at home, or even during travel. This flexibility is crucial, especially when he has a busy schedule leading up to a fight.

6. Continuity and Consistency

Consistency is key in boxing, and Pacquiao understands the importance of maintaining continuity in his training routine. By wrapping his own hands, he ensures that this vital aspect remains consistent throughout his career.

Having the same wrapping technique and style throughout his fights allows Pacquiao to adapt quickly and feel comfortable in the ring. It eliminates any potential disruptions or inconsistencies that may arise if he were to rely on different trainers or hand wrappers.


There are numerous reasons why Manny Pacquiao chooses to wrap his own hands. From familiarity and control to personalized fit and comfort, hand wrapping plays a crucial role in his mental and physical preparation for fights. It symbolizes his self-reliance, time efficiency, and commitment to consistency. By wrapping his own hands, Pacquiao ensures that he enters the ring with confidence, knowing that his hands are adequately protected and ready to deliver powerful blows.

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