why don’t nfl players wear mouthguards

The NFL (National Football League) is a highly physical and contact sport that involves a significant risk of injury. While players are required to wear helmets, shoulder pads, and other protective gear, one noticeable absence is the lack of mandatory mouthguards. This raises the question: why don’t NFL players wear mouthguards? In this article, we will explore various reasons behind this practice.

1. Comfort and Communication

One reason why NFL players may choose not to wear mouthguards is the issue of comfort. Mouthguards can feel bulky and restrict breathing, making it challenging for players to perform at their best. Additionally, mouthguards can impede communication between players on the field, as they may muffle speech and make it difficult to understand each other’s instructions.

2. Visibility

Mouthguards can also affect a player’s visibility on the field. In a fast-paced game like football, having a clear line of sight is crucial for players to react quickly and make split-second decisions. A mouthguard that obstructs vision can potentially hinder a player’s performance and increase the risk of accidents or collisions.

3. Customization

Every player’s mouth shape and size are unique. Standard mouthguards may not fit properly, leading to discomfort and reduced effectiveness in protecting the teeth and jaw. Custom-made mouthguards are available, but they can be expensive and time-consuming to obtain, making them less accessible to all players.

4. Lack of Scientific Evidence

Some argue that there is a lack of conclusive scientific evidence to support the use of mouthguards in preventing injuries specific to football. While mouthguards are proven to protect against dental injuries, their effectiveness in preventing concussions or other head injuries is still a subject of debate. Without clear evidence, players may be less inclined to wear them.

5. Cultural Norms

American football has a long-standing tradition and culture, which influences players’ choices regarding protective gear. Unlike sports like rugby or hockey, where mouthguards are mandatory, football has not adopted the same cultural expectation. Players may be reluctant to wear mouthguards due to the perception that it is unnecessary or not part of the football tradition.

why don't nfl players wear mouthguards

6. Personal Preference

Ultimately, the decision to wear a mouthguard rests with the individual player. Some players may simply prefer not to wear one, either due to personal comfort or a belief that it does not significantly reduce their risk of injury. NFL players are highly skilled and experienced athletes who may have their own risk assessment strategies.

7. Rule Enforcement

While mouthguards are not mandatory in the NFL, it is worth noting that players are still allowed to wear them if they choose to do so. The league has implemented rules to protect players’ safety, such as penalties for unnecessary roughness or targeting. However, the absence of a specific rule mandating mouthguards gives players the freedom to make their own choices.


There are several reasons why NFL players may choose not to wear mouthguards. Factors such as comfort, visibility, customization, scientific evidence, cultural norms, personal preference, and rule enforcement all play a role in this decision. As the sport continues to evolve, it is important to consider the balance between player safety and individual choice when it comes to protective gear like mouthguards.

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