‘Without boxing rules, you are nothing in front of me’: Ngannou warns Fury

‘Without boxing rules, you are nothing in front of me’: Ngannou warns Fury

Francis Ngannou faces Anthony Joshua on Friday, but still feels he has unfinished business with Tyson Fury — and he still believes he deserved to win their fight last year, which went to Fury by split decision over 10 rounds.

With former UFC champion Ngannou and Fury trading words from the stage and front row, respectively, Ngannou turned up the heat on Fury.

“Your only chance is in the boxing ring with boxing rules,” Ngannou said to Fury. “When you step out of that ring, you better stay five meters away before I stick your shit. Because if I lose it, you’re going to have a really bad time, my friend.


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“Respect the fact that boxing is protecting your ass, and the rules of boxing are protecting (you), because without that, you are nothing in front of me. I beat you every day, twice on Sunday.”

Ngannou is expected by most to go to 0-2 in his pro boxing career on Friday, though it would be 0-2 against two of the three or four best heavyweights on the planet, in his first two pro boxing bouts.

Fury, of course, will face Oleksandr Usyk on May 18 in Saudi Arabia in an undisputed heavyweight championship fight.

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