Leaked Sparring Footage Shows Gervonta Davis Whooping Devin Haney

Leaked Sparring Footage Shows Gervonta Davis Whooping Devin Haney

A video was released today showing the infamous sparring beatdown by Gervonta Davis of Devin Haney that occurred years ago. You might want to brace yourself if you’re a Haney fan because it wasn’t pretty to watch. Tank beat the living daylights out of Haney, who needed saving at one point when he was close to being knocked out.

Style-wise, Haney doesn’t look any different than how he fights now. He was trying to escape the punishing shots from Tank Davis, but he couldn’t because he was being pursued all about the ring, and this was with headgear.

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Understandable why Ryan Leaked the Video

With how Haney was bad-mouthing Ryan on Thursday, it’s perfectly understandable why Kingry leaked the video. Ryan was probably holding off leaking the video, showing class, but when Haney and his dad took things to the gutter, he had to feel justified. If they’re going to go to that level, Ryan felt that he could play dirty, too.

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I bet his hands were trembling when he uploaded that baby, knowing what it would do to Haney, making him the laughing stock, and showing the blueprint of how to beat him.

Bill was unloading on Ryan’s dad, outing him about his toupee, and Haney had no qualms in making Kingry out to have a drug problem. After all that, Ryan couldn’t wait to upload the video of Haney getting trounced by Tank.

In the video, it’s obvious that Haney will never beat Tank Davis. He doesn’t have the power, chin, or ability to escape his pressure. If they were to fight, it would likely be a repeat of their sparring, even if Devin rehydrated to 165 to 170.

Ryan wanted to knock Haney off his high horse, as he seemed pretty uppity today, and so did his dad, Bill. The two took the press conference and wrecked it with their ham-handed, slash-and-burn approach, not talking about the April 20th fight, making it 100% personal on looks and drugs.

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The Haneys were running amok, oblivious to the main objective: to market the DAZN PPV fight against Ryan. You could tell from watching the Haney’s that they both have a chip on their shoulder regarding Ryan and his family, and you just hope they don’t spoil the final press conference.

Haney’s Style Unchanged

As far as I can tell, the only difference in Haney now compared to when Tank Davis whooped him is he’s gained a lot of weight and is perhaps 20 to 30 lbs heavier now. Haney moves a little more now than he did back then, but he wouldn’t be able to escape Tank if they fought, not with his ability to cut off the ring.

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