Abel Mendoza brought joy to seniors in Texas

Abel Mendoza brought joy to seniors in Texas

World Boxing Association (WBA) super featherweight prospect and tenth ranked fighter, Abel Mendoza, toured several senior care centers in the state of Texas to bring joy to the elderly through boxing.

Mendoza, who is an American of Mexican descent, took different articles and souvenirs of the pioneer organization to the elderly in these centers, in addition to sharing with them a pleasant time and nourishing himself with the energy they gave him.

Mendoza’s tour began at the Pecos Nursing Home, in Pecos; he also visited the Pebble Creek Nursing Center, in El Paso; then he continued to Sienna Nursing and Rehabilitation, in Odessa; then Meadow Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation, in San Angelo; and ended at Juliette Fowler Communities, in Dallas.

At each of them, he was able to listen to the grandparents’ stories and give them gifts, in addition to telling his own story of overcoming adversity through boxing.

Mendoza is an undefeated boxer of 40 fights who is 28 years old and has made his career between Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

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