Devin Haney: The Overrated Champ Nobody Wants to See Again?

Devin Haney: The Overrated Champ Nobody Wants to See Again?

Devin Haney’s rise to becoming a two-weight world champion at the age of 25 has not impressed many fans throughout his nine-year career.

In what can only be described as a career-altering loss, Haney faced off against Ryan Garcia on April 20th and suffered a defeat that shook the boxing world. Garcia dropped Haney six times, leading to a unanimous decision loss for the former world champion. This defeat left fans questioning their previous admiration for Haney’s abilities.

Despite the WBC allowing him to retain his title, Haney’s reputation has taken a hit, with fans no longer considering him the top fighter in the light welterweight division. The aftermath of the Garcia fight has tarnished Haney’s standing, with doubts emerging about his true capabilities as a world champion.

Prior to his loss against Garcia, some fans believed that Haney had toppled the best in the division with his victory over Regis Prograis. However, the reality was different, as Prograis’ defeat to Josh Taylor exposed his weaknesses. This realization made fans reevaluate their opinions of Haney’s achievements.

Although a rematch with Garcia might seem appealing, fans lack confidence in Haney’s ability to redeem himself. The initial fight highlighted Haney’s vulnerabilities, with Garcia dominating from the start and knocking him down multiple times. Despite controversial referee decisions, the general consensus is that Haney’s performance was lacking.

Many fans now view Haney as the weakest champion in the 140-lb division due to his perceived chin vulnerabilities and tactical shortcomings. When matched against other champions like Teofimo Lopez, Subriel Matias, and Isaac Cruz, it is believed that Haney would struggle and likely face knockout defeats if unable to rely on excessive clinching tactics.

In conclusion, Devin Haney’s career has faced a setback following his loss to Ryan Garcia, bringing into question his status as a top-tier boxer in his weight class. Despite his previous accomplishments, Haney’s performance against Garcia has cast doubts on his abilities and left fans questioning his future prospects in the sport.

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