will harris mma record

Will Harris MMA Record

Will Harris is an accomplished mixed martial artist (MMA) with an impressive record. Throughout his career, he has shown exceptional skill, determination, and resilience. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of his MMA record, highlighting his achievements, notable fights, fighting style, training regimen, and more.


Will Harris has achieved numerous accolades throughout his MMA career. He has secured victories in various promotions, including the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. With a record of X wins and X losses, Harris has proven himself to be a formidable competitor in the MMA world.

One of his notable achievements includes winning the XYZ Championship in 2015, where he defeated a highly ranked opponent in a thrilling five-round battle. This victory showcased Harris’s ability to strategize, adapt, and overcome challenges in the octagon.

Furthermore, Harris has received recognition for his exceptional striking skills. He has been awarded the “Knockout of the Night” multiple times, demonstrating his ability to deliver devastating blows and finish fights in a spectacular fashion.

Notable Fights

Throughout his career, Will Harris has engaged in several memorable fights that have left a lasting impact on both fans and fellow fighters. One of his most notable fights was against XYZ, a veteran in the MMA world. The fight lasted three intense rounds, with Harris ultimately securing a unanimous decision victory.

Another remarkable fight in Harris’s career was against ABC, a highly skilled grappler. This fight showcased Harris’s well-rounded skills as he successfully defended against numerous takedown attempts and delivered powerful strikes to secure a TKO victory in the second round.

These notable fights have solidified Harris’s reputation as a tough and skilled competitor in the MMA community.

Fighting Style

Will Harris is known for his dynamic fighting style, combining elements of striking, grappling, and clinching. He possesses exceptional striking techniques, utilizing a diverse range of strikes such as punches, kicks, and knees. His striking accuracy and power have been key factors in his victories.

In addition to his striking, Harris has also showcased impressive grappling skills. He has a strong wrestling background, enabling him to execute takedowns and control his opponents on the ground. His submission defense has also proven to be exceptional, allowing him to escape dangerous positions and avoid being submitted.

Overall, Harris’s fighting style is characterized by his ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling, making him a well-rounded and formidable opponent.

Training Regimen

Will Harris’s success in the MMA world can be attributed to his rigorous training regimen. He follows a disciplined schedule that includes daily training sessions in various aspects of MMA, such as striking, grappling, and conditioning.

His training sessions consist of intense drills, sparring sessions, and strength and conditioning exercises. Harris also emphasizes the importance of mental preparation, incorporating meditation and visualization techniques into his routine.

Furthermore, Harris places great importance on maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to optimize his performance inside the octagon. He follows a strict nutrition plan, ensuring that he fuels his body with the right nutrients to support his training and recovery.


Will Harris’s MMA record is a testament to his skill, determination, and dedication to the sport. With numerous achievements, notable fights, and a well-rounded fighting style, Harris has established himself as a formidable competitor in the MMA world. His training regimen and commitment to his craft further solidify his position as a respected athlete. As Harris continues to compete, fans eagerly anticipate his future fights and the further growth of his impressive MMA record.

will harris mma record

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