why not use mma gloves on hard bags

why not use mma gloves on hard bags

Why Not Use MMA Gloves on Hard Bags

When it comes to training on hard bags, many people wonder if it is suitable to use MMA gloves. While MMA gloves are designed for mixed martial arts training and competition, they may not be the best option for heavy bag training. In this article, we will explore various reasons why using MMA gloves on hard bags may not be ideal.

Lack of Padding

MMA gloves typically have less padding compared to traditional boxing gloves. This lack of padding can result in increased impact on the knuckles and joints when striking a hard bag. The repeated impact without sufficient padding can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injuries over time.

Moreover, the hard surface of the bag can cause the knuckles to become sore and bruised. This can hinder training progress and make it difficult to maintain a consistent training routine.

Hand Protection

One of the primary purposes of gloves is to protect the hands during training. While MMA gloves offer some level of protection, they may not provide adequate support and cushioning for the hands when hitting hard bags.

Boxing gloves, on the other hand, are specifically designed to provide superior hand protection. They offer more padding and support to absorb the impact and reduce the risk of hand injuries. The added protection allows for longer and more intense training sessions without compromising the safety of the hands.

why not use mma gloves on hard bags

Wrist Support

MMA gloves typically have shorter cuffs and less wrist support compared to boxing gloves. This lack of wrist support can increase the risk of wrist sprains, strains, and other injuries when striking hard bags.

Boxing gloves, with their longer cuffs and enhanced wrist support, provide stability and help prevent excessive strain on the wrists. This is particularly important when training on hard bags, as the impact can put significant stress on the wrists.

Impact Distribution

Another factor to consider is the distribution of impact when using gloves on hard bags. MMA gloves have a smaller surface area, which concentrates the force on a smaller area of the hand.

In contrast, boxing gloves have a larger surface area, which helps distribute the impact over a wider area. This reduces the strain on specific joints and bones, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Training Variety

Using boxing gloves on hard bags allows for a wider range of training techniques and drills. The added padding and support enable practitioners to throw powerful punches, hooks, uppercuts, and combinations without fear of injury.

MMA gloves, with their minimal padding, may restrict the range of techniques that can be safely practiced on hard bags. This limitation can hinder the development of striking skills and limit the variety of training options.

Longevity of Gloves

Training on hard bags can be particularly harsh on gloves, as the impact and friction can cause wear and tear. MMA gloves, with their lighter construction and less durable materials, may not withstand the rigors of hard bag training as effectively as boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves, designed for heavy bag training, are built to withstand intense use and have greater durability. Investing in a pair of boxing gloves specifically for hard bag training can ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Professional Recommendations

Lastly, it is worth noting that professional trainers and fighters often recommend using boxing gloves for hard bag training. Their experience and expertise in the field emphasize the importance of proper hand protection, wrist support, and impact distribution.

While MMA gloves have their place in mixed martial arts training, they may not be the most suitable choice for heavy bag training. Considering the factors mentioned above, using boxing gloves on hard bags is generally recommended for a safer and more effective training experience.

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