why does benzema wrap hand

why does benzema wrap hand

Benzema wrapping his hand is a topic that has sparked curiosity among football fans and analysts. This article aims to explore the reasons behind Benzema’s decision to wrap his hand during matches. By analyzing various aspects such as injury prevention, psychological factors, and tactical advantages, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of this intriguing phenomenon.

Injury Prevention

One possible reason for Benzema wrapping his hand is to prevent injuries. Football is a physical sport, and players often encounter situations where their hands are at risk. Wrapping the hand can provide additional support and stability, reducing the chances of sprains or fractures. It is a proactive measure to ensure that Benzema can continue performing at his best without the fear of potential hand injuries.

Psychological Factors

The act of wrapping his hand could also have psychological benefits for Benzema. It may serve as a form of personal superstition or ritual that helps him feel more confident and focused during matches. The physical presence of the wrap could provide a sense of security and control, boosting his mental state and enhancing his performance on the field.

Tactical Advantages

Benzema’s decision to wrap his hand could also have tactical advantages. By concealing any potential hand injuries, he may be able to surprise opponents who might target his vulnerable hand during gameplay. This strategic move allows him to maintain a competitive edge by keeping opponents guessing and preventing them from exploiting any weaknesses.

Enhanced Grip and Control

Wrapping his hand could provide Benzema with enhanced grip and control over the ball. The extra layer of support can help him maintain a firm hold on the ball, especially during challenging situations such as aerial duels or tight ball control. This improved grip can contribute to his overall performance and enable him to make precise passes and shots.

Physical Comfort

why does benzema wrap hand

Another reason for Benzema wrapping his hand could be to enhance physical comfort. Football matches can be physically demanding, and players often experience minor discomfort or pain during gameplay. The wrap may provide a cushioning effect, reducing any discomfort Benzema might feel when handling the ball or engaging in physical contact with opponents.

Protection from Re-injury

If Benzema has previously suffered a hand injury, wrapping his hand could serve as a precautionary measure to protect the affected area from re-injury. By providing additional support and stability, the wrap can help prevent any aggravation of existing injuries and aid in the healing process. This protective measure allows Benzema to continue playing without risking further damage to his hand.

Style Statement

Benzema’s decision to wrap his hand could also be a style statement. Footballers often use unique accessories or clothing choices to express their individuality and fashion sense. The hand wrap could be a deliberate fashion choice that sets Benzema apart from other players and adds to his overall image and brand as a professional footballer.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why Benzema wraps his hand during matches. From injury prevention and psychological factors to tactical advantages and physical comfort, each aspect contributes to his decision. It is a multifaceted phenomenon that showcases the complexity and strategic thinking behind a professional footballer’s choices. By understanding these reasons, we can appreciate the meticulousness and attention to detail that players like Benzema bring to their game.

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