Wilder’s Downfall: Zhang Predicted to Triumph on Saturday

Wilder’s Downfall: Zhang Predicted to Triumph on Saturday

Deontay Wilder is set to take on the hard-hitting Zhilei Zhang this Saturday night in a 12-round heavyweight showdown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The clash between these two heavyweights will be broadcast live on DAZN PPV at the Kingdom Arena.

It is widely believed by fans that Wilder, the former WBC heavyweight champion, will need to tap into his killer instinct of old if he hopes to emerge victorious against Zhang, a two-time Chinese Olympian known for his powerful punches.

Wilder has struggled in his recent fights, showing a decline in performance that doesn’t seem likely to reverse course by the time Saturday night arrives. On the other hand, Zhang, at 40 years old, has retained his aggressive fighting style unchanged since turning pro in 2014 and will not hesitate to go for a knockout from the get-go.

Wilder’s track record in the ring has been disappointing since 2020, with three losses and just one win to show for it. While he still possesses the devastating power in his right hand, Wilder has appeared hesitant and lacking in recent bouts.

To stand a chance against Zhang, Wilder will need to bring back his formidable knockout power and utilize it to take down his opponent. Zhang, aware of Wilder’s reliance on his right hand, poses a formidable challenge but could be vulnerable to a well-placed blow from the former champ.

In the prediction for the fight, Zhang is projected to emerge victorious due to his aggressive approach and powerful punching. Unlike Wilder, Zhang is expected to go on the offensive from the outset, aiming to secure a quick victory by taking advantage of Wilder’s perceived weaknesses.

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