Ryan Garcia Dispels Doubts, Insists He’s Taking Haney Fight Seriously

Ryan Garcia Dispels Doubts, Insists He’s Taking Haney Fight Seriously

Boxing star Ryan Garcia took to social media to let fans know he’s focused on his fight against Devin Haney on April 20th on DAZN PPV.

The popular Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) got fans worried during a social media live session where he appeared to be less than focused on his training.

Ryan had Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) so worked up that he posted on X that he was wasting his time and wouldn’t attend today’s LA press conference. Haney has since confirmed that he’ll attend today.

“A true professional in everything that I do.. for that reason, I’ll see you guys at the Avalon at 1 pm B there!” said Haney on X.

Trolling or Truth?

“I understand everyone is concerned, but I’ve got to address some things. 99% of what I’m doing is trolling,” Ryan said on social media. “I’m running eight miles. Right now, it’s six in the morning. You don’t have a six-pack if you’re drinking every day and smoking.

“Just being an idiot doesn’t produce strength. Hard work does. So, today, I’m not going to say there ain’t going to be any trolling, but you’re going to get a little insight to all the hard work I do,” Ryan said.

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Focused on the Fight

Ryan clarifies that he recognizes what he’s up against by taking on the undefeated Haney for his WBC 140-lb title on April 20th. He knows that Haney is one of the most technically gifted fighters in the sport, who is not someone that he can afford to take lightly if he wants to win.

“Make no mistake, I’m taking this fight very seriously,” Ryan says. “I know what Devin Haney brings to the table, and I’m putting in the work to be ready.”

Kingry says he’s taking his training seriously, is 100% locked in for this fight, and will be ready to dethrone the Bay Area native.

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