Mayweather vs Ortiz exhibition rematch reportedly planned for Aug. 24

Mayweather vs Ortiz exhibition rematch reportedly planned for Aug. 24

The Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Tour continues to rage on, despite the fact that its main attraction is now 47 years old. According to Salvador Rodriguez of ESPN, the man known as “Money” will be facing off against Victor Ortiz on August 24th in Mexico, finally settling some unfinished business.

Although Mayweather (50-0, 27 KO) has not officially confirmed the fight, he has been dropping hints of a “big announcement” coming soon with the hashtag #MayweatherMexico.

Ortiz (33-7-3, 25 KO) had a good run leading up to their previous bout in 2011, including an impressive victory over Andre Berto. However, his frustration with Mayweather’s elusive style led to a controversial moment where he headbutted Mayweather, leading to a knockout from Mayweather shortly after.

Mayweather’s famous line, “protect yourself at all times,” was born from this incident, along with his memorable words to Larry Merchant that he “[didn’t] know sh*t about boxing.”

Despite the absurdity of their previous encounter, Mayweather shows no signs of slowing down, always ready to step into the ring for another match as long as there are opponents and paychecks waiting for him.

While another rematch seems unnecessary given the spectacle of their first fight, it would be exciting to see Mayweather take on a different challenge, perhaps against an MMA or kickboxing fighter in Japan who would truly test his skills. The world tour continues, and fans eagerly await who will be next to step into the ring with the legendary Mayweather.

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