Martinez tests positive for banned diuretic

Martinez tests positive for banned diuretic

Julio Cesar Martinez’s choice to relinquish the WBC flyweight title might have been influenced by more than just a desire to compete at a higher weight class. According to Jake Donovan, “Rey” tested positive for a banned substance categorized as “Diuretics and Other Masking Agents” following his decision victory over Angelino Cordova on March 30th.

Donovan highlights Martinez’s ongoing struggle with making weight at the flyweight limit despite his mere 5’2″ stature. His infamous failure to make weight for a super flyweight fight against Roman Gonzalez in 2022 suggests that diuretics could benefit him, even if not used to conceal other substances.

The downfall of Martinez, with a record of 21-3 and 15 knockouts, is one of the most significant among recent champions who did not lose their title inside the ring. His inconsistent appearances and lackluster performances have transformed him from a highly anticipated action fighter of the present era to a mere afterthought. At just 29 years old, this could potentially mark the beginning of his decline.

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