Inoue demolished Nery in dramatic fight 

Inoue demolished Nery in dramatic fight 

On Monday, Naoya Inoue put on a spectacular display at the legendary Tokyo Dome, defeating Luis Nery by knockout in six rounds to retain his title as the undisputed super bantamweight champion. It was a rollercoaster of a fight, with Inoue facing early adversity after being knocked down by Nery in the first round. However, he quickly regrouped and turned the tables with a stunning knockout in the sixth round.

Nery came out strong, landing a devastating blow to Inoue’s jaw that sent him to the canvas in the opening round. Despite the setback, Inoue showed immense resilience, bouncing back and taking control of the fight from the second round onwards. His calculated counter-attacks proved to be too much for Nery to handle, leading to knockdowns in the second, fifth, and sixth rounds.

With each passing round, Inoue’s power became increasingly evident, wearing down his opponent until the final knockout in the sixth round sealed the deal. Nery was unable to recover, prompting the referee to call the fight in favor of Inoue. The victory adds to Inoue’s flawless record of 27 wins, with 24 of those coming by knockout, while Nery now stands at 35 wins and 2 losses.

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