‘I’m a throwback fighter’: Tszyu open to all possibilities as he attempts to stake his claim

‘I’m a throwback fighter’: Tszyu open to all possibilities as he attempts to stake his claim

Tim Tszyu took some time to talk to media members about numerous topics, including his prospects at 154, his big plans to make a splash in America, and more. Check out some excerpts of what Tszyu had to say below.

Tszyu on the landscape at junior middleweight

“The 154 lb division is red hot right now. Besides Charlo — I don’t know what’s going on with him, he’s long gone — it’s interesting. You’ve got Spence moving up, I’d definitely love a fight with him one day. Even I can move up to 160, 168. I’m not afraid, I’m a throwback fighter. I’ll fight anyone, I don’t give a shit.”

On what he thinks of a Canelo vs Benavidez fight

“I’m a big fan of Benavidez. I think he’s an absolute monster, absolute animal. If they were to fight my brain would be on Benvidez.”

On his thoughts on the state of Spence’s career

“I think he’s alright, I think that stuff (cataracts surgery) will recover. I don’t think Spence has ever been the same after his car crash. Even with the Terence Crawford fight — all praise to Terence, of course — but it looked like it wasn’t the same Spence. He was off in every way possible, and that’s just in my opinion.”

On why he thinks he can be successful in the American market

“There’s no more old school fighters these days anymore. They’re all a bunch pussies. They fight once a year and then they go on two-year vacations. I actually fight. Last year we did three shows with Showtime and that was the most any fighter did in the whole year. So for me it’s just about activity. I’m willing to fight anyone and I do damage when I get in the ring.”

On if he thinks his activity level will give him the advantage against Thurman

“No. That’s part of it but there’s also other parts and it’s just gonna be that I’m that much better and he’s gonna realize it. I’m gonna do what Pacquiao didn’t, and that’s knock him out.”

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