Hearn Sees Lomachenko as Haney’s Toughest Test, But Ryan Poses a Threat

Hearn Sees Lomachenko as Haney’s Toughest Test, But Ryan Poses a Threat

Eddie Hearn believes that Vasily Lomachenko is Devin Haney’s toughest test, more challenging than what Ryan Garcia brings to the table for their fight on April 20th. No matter what, Matchroom promoter Hearn thinks Lomachenko will “always” be Haney’s “toughest fight.”

That makes sense because the boxing world still believes Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) was gifted a decision by the Nevada judges that worked his fight with Lomachenko, who gave him the benefit of the doubt despite appearing to lose seven rounds.

Hopefully, we don’t see a repeat of that kind of scoring on April 20th in Haney’s fight against Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Ryan’s punching power, speed, and size give him a better shot at beating Haney than the smaller, older, and less popular Lomachenko. Ryan will still give away size to Haney, but it won’t be as much as what Loma had to deal with.

Ryan’s Strength: Timing

“No. I think Lomachenko will always be his toughest fight,” said Eddie Hearn to the media when asked if Ryan Garcia is Devin Haney’s toughest fight of his career. “Ryan has a good style to fight Devin. He’s very reactive, he’s very fast, and he can punch. He’s in his prime.

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“I think Ryan deserves a lot of respect. He’s coming off a loss to Gervonta and had a good win against Duarte. It shows more about where Devin’s at that people are willing to face him now. For a long time, people used the excuse, where’s the risk-reward?”

Ryan recently bounced back from his loss to Gervonta Davis to stop Oscar Duarte in the eighth round last December in Houston, Texas. Unlike Lomachenko, Kingry is in his prime at 25 and won’t be coming into the fight looking worn.

“It’s a bit like Shakur. No one really wants to fight Shakur, but now Devin has become bigger. The money is there to fight Devin Haney, so people do it, and he’s got the belt,” said Hearn.

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