Eddie Hearn Wants Liam Paro vs. Devin Haney Unification Bout in Australia

Eddie Hearn Wants Liam Paro vs. Devin Haney Unification Bout in Australia

Eddie Hearn, the promoter, expressed his keen interest in arranging a unification match in Australia between Liam Paro, the newly crowned IBF light welterweight champion, and WBC champ Devin Haney. This exciting possibility emerged after Paro’s impressive victory over champion Subriel Matias in Puerto Rico.

A showdown between Paro and Haney in Australia is expected to generate significant revenue, with the potential to fill a stadium and attract pay-per-view audiences. Haney has previously proven his drawing power in Australia by facing former unified lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr., who hails from the country.

In his recent fight against Matias, Paro employed a punch-and-grab strategy to neutralize his opponent’s offense. While the fight may not have been the most captivating due to Paro’s excessive holding, it was successful, and there is no provision for a rematch.

Hearn noted that Matias appeared slightly drained at the 140-pound limit and suggested that he might consider moving up to 147. However, the constant holding and clinching by Paro throughout the fight exerted significant pressure on Matias. Paro’s tactic of grabbing and holding Matias after each punch effectively wore down the former champion.

The prospect of a Haney vs. Paro showdown may not excite U.S. fans, who are more eager to see Haney face opponents like Ryan Garcia, Isaac Cruz, or Teofimo Lopez. However, the appeal of the fight in Australia could make it a lucrative opportunity for Haney, despite Paro not being a top choice for his next opponent.

Both Paro and Haney share a penchant for clinching, which could make their potential matchup an intriguing battle. The clash would likely feature a tactical exchange of punches amidst frequent holding, presenting a unique spectacle for fans.

Challenges lie ahead in arranging the Haney vs. Paro fight, as both fighters have other obligations to fulfill. Paro has a mandatory defense against Richardson Hitchins, while Haney is due to face his WBC mandatory Sandor Martin. Resolving these issues will be crucial in realizing the proposed unification bout in Australia.

Following Paro’s victory over Matias, Hearn commended Paro’s resilience and determination. Despite sustaining injuries during the fight, Paro displayed courage by standing his ground and fighting back against his formidable opponent.

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