Devin Haney Turns Ryan Garcia Press Conference Into Ugly Display

Devin Haney Turns Ryan Garcia Press Conference Into Ugly Display

Devin Haney made his LA press conference with Ryan Garcia difficult to watch for fans, saying that Kingry was a drug user and hitting below the belt. Haney’s dad, Bill Haney, verbally attacked Ryan’s dad, Henry Garcia, claiming that he wears a toupee. When Henry fired back, saying that Bill’s hair is “nappy,” Devin said that was a “racist” comment.

Fueling the Fire

Devin’s focus on making unverified allegations of drug use by Ryan poisoned the press conference, taking it to the gutter.

Bill Haney’s call about Henry wearing a toupee was completely off-topic and had nothing to do with the fight. Bill then launched into Ryan’s hair products, and it seemed he hadn’t prepared for the press conference.

Both Haney’s looked like they hadn’t mentally prepared for the press conference and were just winging it, going on looks, hair products, and drug use allegations. If you’re trying to promote a fight, this was the worst way to do it.

“When I approached the Haneys, they were in quick right off the bat,” said Oscar De La Hoya during today’s Los Angeles press conference. “On April 20th, we’ll have the biggest event in boxing history.

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“On April 20th, we’ll see who comes out on top. He’s willing to fight the toughest guy. He wants to prove that he is the best, and that is Ryan Garcia,” said De La Hoya.

The Boxers Chime In

“I lost respect for Ryan over the last few days,” said Devin Haney. “This guy is doing the complete opposite. On April 20th, we’ll get this man out of boxing. He’s a clown.”

“The world hasn’t seen the best Devin Haney. The world has seen how much better I am at 140.”

“I’m not worried about his power. Maybe he has power now,” said Ryan.

“Ryan might retire before we get to the fight,” said Haney.

“It was an interesting press conference, and now I’m ready for the fight,” said Devin. “The world is concerned that he might show up. It’s not common for what someone who is going into the biggest fight of his life. I don’t see us fighting again. I see myself beating him so bad that there won’t be any point for a rematch.

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“I hope he shows up on April 20th. I wasn’t going to show up. These guys are playing in my face. He might not make it to April 20th. He’s not respecting himself.

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