De La Hoya Rules Out Canelo vs. Munguia: “Who Will Pay?”

De La Hoya Rules Out Canelo vs. Munguia: “Who Will Pay?”

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya says his fighter Jaime Munguia won’t fight Canelo Alvarez on May 4th. He states that Canelo wants a huge guarantee purse, and he doesn’t know which network will pay him the money he wants.

Financial Roadblock

According to De La Hoya, Canelo’s fight on May 4th would need to generate 1 million PPV buys to cover his guaranteed purse, and he doesn’t know who would want to “fork over” that kind of money to take that kind of risk.

Oscar paints a bleak picture of Canelo due to his purse demands, and it’s possible that he might miss out on the May 4 date unless he’s willing to take less money.

If Canelo doesn’t fight Munguia on that date, it’ll be interesting to see who he does fight, if anyone. It’s unclear if will want a $35 million guaranteed purse for his May 4th fight.

De La Hoya feels that his purse demands will make it “risky” for anyone to pay him, considering it would take a big name for his fight to bring in one million buys.

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Canelo’s Uncertain Future

“No chance. I don’t think so, I really don’t,” said Oscar De La Hoya to Ariel Helwani’s YouTube site when asked if there’s a chance that Jaime Munguia would fight Canelo Alvarez on May 4th. “As a fighter and a promoter, that’s a great fight.

“I don’t know when it’s going to happen. It can’t be May 4th. Canelo just left PBC. I don’t know if he’s talking to DAZN now. Who is going to pay him that huge guarantee? Keep in mind that Canelo wants huge guarantees, and in order for somebody to give him that money, you have to generate a million homes on PPV, and that’s not a guarantee.

“So, it’s risky. Who is willing to fork over that money? It’s pretty risky. I love the fight. He fought someone who had never been on the big stage. He was getting hit,” said De La Hoya about Edgar Berlanga’s fight against Padraig McCrory last Saturday.

“I saw him hesitant to throw his punches against someone who didn’t belong in the ring with him. He took him out, but Canelo, Munguia, and other fighters are on a different level,” said De La Hoya about Berlanga not ready to fight the more developed fighters.

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