De La Hoya Praises 5 vs. 5 Boxing Concept, Challenges Rival Promoters

De La Hoya Praises 5 vs. 5 Boxing Concept, Challenges Rival Promoters

Oscar De La Hoya, the Golden Boy promoter, was impressed with the recent Queensberry vs. Matchroom ‘5 vs. 5’ tournament that took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last Saturday.

De La Hoya attributed Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn’s team’s 5-0 loss to a lack of talent in the five-fighter roster that competed against Frank Warren’s Queensberry team. According to De La Hoya, Hearn has exceptional fighters in his stable, but he believes that the fighters chosen for the tournament were not the best that Hearn had to offer.

In De La Hoya’s opinion, if Hearn had included fighters like Anthony Joshua and Devin Haney in his team’s lineup, they would have had a better chance of winning against Queensberry. However, De La Hoya acknowledged that the cost of including such top-tier fighters may have been a limiting factor for Hearn.

Despite Matchroom’s defeat, De La Hoya praised the concept of the 5 vs. 5 format, calling it a great idea. He expressed his admiration for the efforts of Turki Alalshikh in promoting boxing and providing fans with exciting fights. De La Hoya commended Turki for his dedication to making the best fights possible, even if they seem impossible to others.

Overall, De La Hoya is supportive of the initiatives taken by promoters like Turki Alalshikh and sees them as beneficial for the sport of boxing. He encourages the continuation of such efforts and looks forward to seeing more exciting matchups in the future.

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