Crawford Ready for Madrimov Challenge: “We Got the Toughest Junior Middleweight”

Crawford Ready for Madrimov Challenge: “We Got the Toughest Junior Middleweight”

Bernie ‘Tha Boxer’ Davies, Terence Crawford’s coach, is confident that his fighter has grown into the 154-lb division and is prepared to take on the formidable WBA champion Israil Madrimov on August 3rd at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.

Crawford’s move to 154 is a strategic one, driven by financial ambitions and a desire to avoid a potential loss to Boots Ennis at welterweight. Despite not having fought at 154 before, Crawford is determined to make his mark in this new division, fueled by his past successes at 147, 140, and 135. However, this bold move may have consequences for Crawford.

According to Bernie, Crawford has bulked up significantly in preparation for the fight with Madrimov, showcasing his commitment to the new weight class. Yet, doubts linger about Crawford’s ability to excel at 154, given his age, prolonged time out of the ring, and lack of experience in the junior middleweight division.

Bernie highlights Madrimov’s strengths, emphasizing his athleticism, power, footwork, and unique style. While Crawford is touted as a versatile fighter with a vast range of experiences, his resume at welterweight does not include many elite opponents. His decision to move up in weight rather than face rising star Ennis raises questions about his readiness for the challenges of the junior middleweight division.

Despite Bernie’s confidence in Crawford’s skills, there are concerns about his size and adaptability at 154. Moving up in weight for financial gain could expose Crawford to tougher competition and potential pitfalls in the ring. As age catches up with him, Crawford’s hunger for big paydays may lead to his downfall, especially when facing formidable opponents like Madrimov.

In the end, Crawford’s quest for glory and undisputed titles may be overshadowed by the risks he takes in pursuit of financial rewards. As he steps into the ring on August 3rd, the outcome of his clash with Madrimov remains uncertain, with the possibility of a reality check looming large for the veteran fighter.

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