will netflix renew kingdom mma

Will Netflix Renew Kingdom MMA?

Netflix’s Kingdom MMA has gained a significant following since its release, leaving fans wondering if the streaming giant will renew the show for another season. In this article, we will explore various aspects of the series and analyze the likelihood of its renewal.

1. Popularity and Viewership

One of the key factors that Netflix considers when renewing a series is its popularity and viewership. Kingdom MMA has garnered a devoted fan base and received positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The show’s engaging storyline, intense fight scenes, and well-developed characters have contributed to its growing popularity.

Furthermore, Kingdom MMA has been successful in attracting a diverse audience, including both MMA enthusiasts and those who enjoy compelling drama. The show’s ability to appeal to a wide range of viewers has undoubtedly contributed to its high viewership numbers.

2. Critical Acclaim

Another aspect that Netflix takes into account when deciding to renew a series is critical acclaim. Kingdom MMA has received praise for its realistic portrayal of the MMA world and its ability to capture the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the sport. The series has been commended for its well-written scripts, strong performances, and high production values.

Positive reviews from critics not only indicate the quality of the show but also generate buzz and attract new viewers. The critical acclaim that Kingdom MMA has received could be a significant factor in Netflix’s decision to renew the series.

3. International Appeal

Netflix considers the international appeal of a series when deciding whether to renew it. Kingdom MMA’s global success can be attributed to its universal themes of determination, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams. The show’s portrayal of the MMA world transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with viewers worldwide.

Moreover, Netflix’s commitment to producing and promoting international content has been evident in recent years. Kingdom MMA’s international appeal aligns with Netflix’s strategy of catering to a global audience, which increases the likelihood of its renewal.

4. Social Media Buzz

Social media plays a crucial role in determining a show’s popularity and potential for renewal. Kingdom MMA has generated a significant amount of buzz on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Fans actively engage in discussions, share their favorite moments, and express their desire for another season.

The strong social media presence of Kingdom MMA indicates a dedicated fan base that is passionate about the show. Netflix takes into account this level of engagement when making renewal decisions, making the show’s future prospects promising.

5. Cast and Crew Availability

An essential consideration for Netflix is the availability of the show’s cast and crew for future seasons. The actors, writers, and production team behind Kingdom MMA have expressed their enthusiasm for continuing the series. Their commitment and availability increase the chances of Netflix renewing the show.

However, scheduling conflicts and other commitments may pose challenges in bringing everyone back for another season. Negotiations and logistical considerations will play a significant role in determining the feasibility of renewing Kingdom MMA.

6. Competition and Market Demand

The streaming landscape is highly competitive, with numerous platforms vying for viewers’ attention. Netflix closely monitors market demand and the competitive landscape when making renewal decisions. If Kingdom MMA continues to attract a substantial audience and remains in high demand, Netflix is more likely to renew the show.

Additionally, the absence of other MMA-focused series on major streaming platforms could work in Kingdom MMA’s favor. If Netflix sees an opportunity to dominate this niche market, they may be inclined to renew the show to maintain their competitive edge.

7. Financial Viability

Ultimately, the financial viability of a series plays a significant role in its renewal. Netflix considers factors such as production costs, licensing agreements, and potential return on investment. If Kingdom MMA proves to be financially lucrative and cost-effective, Netflix will be more inclined to renew the show.

will netflix renew kingdom mma

Moreover, the show’s ability to attract sponsors and advertisers may also impact its renewal prospects. If Kingdom MMA can secure lucrative partnerships, it would strengthen its case for another season.

8. Creator’s Vision and Future Plans

Netflix values the creative vision of the show’s creators and their plans for future seasons. The creators of Kingdom MMA have expressed their desire to continue the story and explore new arcs for the characters. Their vision aligns with Netflix’s commitment to supporting original content and nurturing long-term relationships with creators.

If the creators have a compelling vision for the future of Kingdom MMA and can present a strong plan for upcoming seasons, Netflix is more likely to renew the show.


While the decision to renew Kingdom MMA ultimately rests with Netflix, the show’s popularity, critical acclaim, international appeal, social media buzz, cast and crew availability, competition, market demand, financial viability, and the creator’s vision all play significant roles in the renewal process. Considering these factors, it seems likely that Netflix will renew Kingdom MMA for another thrilling season.

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