why is the gable grip used in mma

why is the gable grip used in mma

The gable grip is a commonly used technique in mixed martial arts (MMA) that involves interlocking the fingers of both hands. This grip provides fighters with several advantages in various aspects of the sport. In this article, we will explore why the gable grip is used in MMA from different perspectives.

1. Control and Stability

The gable grip offers fighters enhanced control and stability during grappling exchanges. By interlocking the fingers, the grip becomes stronger and harder to break. This allows fighters to maintain a firm hold on their opponent, preventing escapes and controlling their movements.

Furthermore, the gable grip provides stability when executing takedowns or defending against them. The grip helps fighters maintain their balance and resist being taken down by their opponents.

In summary, the gable grip provides control and stability, enabling fighters to dominate their opponents in grappling exchanges.

2. Submission Techniques

The gable grip is also instrumental in executing various submission techniques in MMA. By using this grip, fighters can apply more leverage and force when attempting submissions such as the guillotine choke or the D’Arce choke.

The interlocked fingers in the gable grip create a solid structure that allows fighters to apply pressure on their opponent’s neck or limbs more effectively. This increases the chances of securing a submission and forcing the opponent to tap out.

Therefore, the gable grip plays a crucial role in the submission game of MMA fighters.

3. Ground and Pound

When fighters are in a dominant position on the ground, such as mount or side control, the gable grip can be used to enhance their ground and pound attacks. By interlocking their fingers, fighters can generate more power and control in their strikes.

The gable grip allows fighters to maintain a solid base while delivering powerful punches or elbows. This grip also prevents their opponent from easily blocking or defending against the strikes.

Overall, the gable grip improves the effectiveness of ground and pound techniques, enabling fighters to inflict significant damage on their opponents.

4. Defense against Striking

The gable grip can also be utilized as a defensive tool in MMA. When a fighter is being attacked with strikes, they can use the gable grip to protect their head and face.

By placing their hands together in the gable grip position and covering their head, fighters can create a shield against incoming strikes. This helps to absorb the impact and reduce the damage inflicted by their opponent’s punches or kicks.

In addition, the gable grip can be used to catch an opponent’s strikes and initiate a counterattack or a takedown.

Thus, the gable grip serves as a defensive mechanism, allowing fighters to protect themselves from striking attacks.

5. Balance and Posture

Another advantage of the gable grip in MMA is its ability to assist fighters in maintaining balance and posture during various techniques and positions.

For example, when attempting a standing guillotine choke, the gable grip helps fighters maintain a stable base while applying pressure on their opponent’s neck. This prevents them from being taken down or losing their balance during the submission attempt.

In other instances, such as defending against a takedown, the gable grip can provide a solid structure for fighters to resist being taken down and maintain an upright posture.

Therefore, the gable grip contributes to the overall balance and posture of fighters in MMA.

why is the gable grip used in mma

6. Transitioning and Reversals

The gable grip is a versatile tool that can aid fighters in transitioning between different positions and executing reversals.

By maintaining a strong gable grip, fighters can use it as a leverage point to initiate movements and transitions. For example, they can use the grip to shift their opponent’s weight and create openings for sweeps or reversals.

Furthermore, the gable grip can be employed during scrambles to secure advantageous positions or prevent opponents from gaining control.

Overall, the gable grip facilitates smooth transitioning and effective reversals in MMA.


The gable grip is a fundamental technique in MMA that offers fighters numerous advantages. From providing control and stability to enhancing submission techniques, defending against strikes, improving ground and pound, maintaining balance and posture, and facilitating transitions and reversals, the gable grip is a versatile tool that significantly contributes to a fighter’s success in the sport of MMA.

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