why is blackpink not in mma 2019

why is blackpink not in mma 2019

Blackpink, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups, has garnered a massive global following since their debut in 2016. However, fans were disappointed when they discovered that Blackpink was not included in the lineup for the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in 2019. In this article, we will explore various aspects that could explain why Blackpink was not in MAMA 2019.

1. Scheduling conflicts

One possible reason for Blackpink’s absence from MAMA 2019 could be scheduling conflicts. The group may have had prior commitments or conflicting events that prevented them from participating in the award ceremony. As international superstars, Blackpink’s schedule is likely to be packed with various performances, promotions, and tours.

2. YG Entertainment’s decision

YG Entertainment, the agency managing Blackpink, might have made a strategic decision to exclude the group from MAMA 2019. Agencies often consider factors such as timing, promotional strategies, and potential conflicts with other artists when deciding which events to participate in. It is possible that YG Entertainment chose to focus on other opportunities for Blackpink during that time.

3. Focusing on international promotions

Blackpink has been actively expanding their presence in the international music scene. They have collaborated with renowned artists like Dua Lipa and performed at major music festivals around the world. It is possible that Blackpink’s absence from MAMA 2019 was a strategic move to prioritize their international promotions and target a wider audience.

4. Awards show politics

The world of awards shows can be complex and influenced by various factors. Politics within the industry, personal relationships, and other behind-the-scenes dynamics can impact the selection of artists for performances and nominations. It is possible that Blackpink’s exclusion from MAMA 2019 was a result of such factors beyond their control.

5. Focusing on new releases

why is blackpink not in mma 2019

Blackpink is known for their high-quality music releases and captivating music videos. The group might have chosen to dedicate their time and resources to working on new music and preparing for future comebacks rather than participating in MAMA 2019. This decision could have been driven by their desire to maintain their artistic integrity and deliver the best possible content to their fans.

6. Prioritizing health and well-being

Being in the spotlight can take a toll on an artist’s physical and mental well-being. Blackpink may have decided to prioritize their health and take a break from the intense schedule that comes with award shows and performances. Taking time off to rest and recharge is crucial for artists to deliver their best performances and maintain their long-term success.

7. Strategic marketing move

Exclusivity can be a powerful marketing tool. By not participating in MAMA 2019, Blackpink could have created a sense of anticipation and curiosity among their fans and the general public. This strategy may have been aimed at generating buzz and heightened excitement for their future releases and performances.

8. Collaborative opportunities

Blackpink might have been engaged in collaborative projects or preparing for joint performances with other artists during the same period as MAMA 2019. These collaborations could have offered unique opportunities for the group to expand their artistic horizons and reach new audiences, which may have taken precedence over participating in the award ceremony.


While it is disappointing for fans to see Blackpink absent from MAMA 2019, there could be various reasons for their exclusion. Scheduling conflicts, agency decisions, international promotions, awards show politics, focusing on new releases, prioritizing health, strategic marketing moves, and collaborative opportunities are all factors that could have influenced Blackpink’s absence from the event. Regardless of the reasons, fans can rest assured that Blackpink will continue to captivate audiences with their talent and passion in the future.

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