why do female mma fighters have cornrows

why do female mma fighters have cornrows

The Popularity of Cornrows among Female MMA Fighters

Cornrows, a traditional African hairstyle, have gained significant popularity among female MMA fighters in recent years. This unique hairstyle not only adds to their overall appearance but also offers practical benefits in the demanding sport of mixed martial arts. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why female MMA fighters choose to sport cornrows.

1. Cultural Connection and Empowerment

For many female MMA fighters, cornrows serve as a cultural symbol and a way to connect with their African roots. By wearing cornrows, these fighters embrace their heritage and express their pride in their ancestry. This cultural connection can provide a sense of empowerment and identity, giving them the strength and confidence to compete in the male-dominated world of MMA.

Cornrows also allow female fighters to stand out and make a statement. They showcase a unique and distinctive look that sets them apart from their opponents, making a bold statement about their individuality and strength.

2. Practicality and Functionality

why do female mma fighters have cornrows

Besides cultural significance, cornrows offer practical benefits for female MMA fighters. One of the primary advantages is their low-maintenance nature. Cornrows can be tightly woven and secured close to the scalp, preventing hair from getting in the fighter’s face during intense bouts. This allows fighters to focus solely on their performance without the distraction of hair obstructing their vision.

Additionally, cornrows provide protection to the hair by keeping it tightly braided and reducing the risk of it being pulled or tangled during grappling exchanges. Female MMA fighters often engage in ground fighting, where hair can easily become entangled and cause discomfort or injury. Cornrows mitigate this risk, ensuring fighters can compete without worrying about their hair.

3. Enhanced Aerodynamics

The aerodynamic advantage of cornrows is another reason why female MMA fighters choose this hairstyle. During high-speed movements and strikes, loose hair can create drag and impede performance. Cornrows, on the other hand, streamline the fighter’s head, reducing air resistance and allowing for faster movements. This can be especially crucial in fights where split-second reactions and agility are essential.

4. Psychological Advantage

The psychological aspect of sports is vital, and cornrows can play a role in boosting a fighter’s confidence and mental focus. The intricate braiding process and the time and effort invested in creating cornrows can instill a sense of discipline and determination in the fighter. This mental fortitude can translate into improved performance inside the cage.

Moreover, cornrows can be seen as a form of battle armor for female MMA fighters. Just as warriors of ancient times adorned themselves to intimidate opponents, cornrows can serve as a psychological tool to intimidate opponents and assert dominance in the ring.

5. Team Unity and Identity

In team-based MMA gyms, female fighters often adopt cornrows as a way to foster unity and create a cohesive team identity. By sporting the same hairstyle, they demonstrate their commitment to their team and create a visual bond with their fellow fighters. This sense of camaraderie can enhance training and create a supportive environment for all team members.

6. Fashion and Style

While functionality and cultural significance are paramount, cornrows also offer female MMA fighters a fashionable and stylish look. Many fighters take pride in their appearance and see cornrows as a way to express their personal style. This trendy hairstyle has become synonymous with the MMA world, and female fighters embrace it as a fashion statement.

In conclusion, cornrows have become a popular hairstyle choice among female MMA fighters for various reasons. From cultural pride and practicality to aerodynamics and psychological advantage, cornrows offer a unique blend of functionality and style. By wearing cornrows, female MMA fighters not only enhance their performance but also make a statement about their identity and strength.

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