why do brazilian crawl when they enter the mma fighter

why do brazilian crawl when they enter the mma fighter

Why do Brazilian Fighters Use the Crawl Technique in MMA?

When it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA), Brazilian fighters are known for their exceptional skills and unique techniques. One such technique that many Brazilian fighters utilize is the crawl. This technique involves a specific way of moving on the ground, and it has proven to be effective in various aspects of MMA. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Brazilian fighters choose to use the crawl technique in their fights.

1. Ground Control and Dominance

The crawl technique allows Brazilian fighters to maintain superior control and dominance on the ground. By crawling, they can constantly adjust their positions, maintain balance, and quickly transition between different grappling techniques. This enables them to effectively neutralize their opponents’ attacks and create opportunities for submissions or strikes.

Furthermore, the crawl technique allows Brazilian fighters to stay low to the ground, making it harder for their opponents to take them down or escape their control. This gives them a significant advantage in ground fighting scenarios.

2. Flexibility and Mobility

The crawl technique offers Brazilian fighters enhanced flexibility and mobility. By utilizing a low stance and keeping their weight distributed evenly, they can swiftly move in any direction. This agility allows them to evade strikes, counterattack, and secure advantageous positions.

why do brazilian crawl when they enter the mma fighter

Brazilian fighters often combine the crawl technique with other movements, such as shrimping or rolling, to further enhance their mobility. This combination of techniques enables them to quickly adapt to their opponents’ actions and maintain control during ground exchanges.

3. Effective Grappling and Submission Attacks

The crawl technique is particularly effective in facilitating grappling and submission attacks. Brazilian fighters are renowned for their expertise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a martial art that heavily emphasizes ground fighting and submissions. The crawl technique complements their BJJ skills, allowing them to seamlessly transition from one submission attempt to another.

By crawling, Brazilian fighters can easily close the distance between themselves and their opponents, creating opportunities for takedowns or clinches. Once on the ground, they can utilize their superior grappling skills to control their opponents and execute various submissions, such as armbars, chokes, or joint locks.

4. Defensive Maneuvers

The crawl technique also serves as an effective defensive maneuver for Brazilian fighters. By staying low and constantly moving, they can minimize the target area for their opponents’ strikes. This makes it challenging for their opponents to land significant blows and reduces the risk of knockouts or severe damage.

In addition, the crawl technique allows Brazilian fighters to quickly react to their opponents’ attacks and defend against takedowns. They can utilize their agility and balance to sprawl, block strikes, or initiate counterattacks.

5. Psychological Advantage

The crawl technique can also provide Brazilian fighters with a psychological advantage over their opponents. The unique and unfamiliar movement pattern can confuse and frustrate their opponents, potentially affecting their focus and decision-making during the fight.

Moreover, the crawl technique showcases the technical prowess and versatility of Brazilian fighters. By demonstrating their expertise in ground fighting, they can intimidate their opponents and establish themselves as formidable opponents.

6. Tradition and Cultural Influence

Brazilian fighters’ preference for the crawl technique can also be attributed to the strong influence of Brazilian martial arts culture. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, from which the crawl technique originates, is deeply ingrained in Brazilian martial arts heritage. By utilizing the crawl technique, Brazilian fighters pay homage to their martial arts roots and uphold their cultural traditions.

Furthermore, the success of Brazilian fighters who have utilized the crawl technique in the past has further popularized its usage. Aspiring fighters in Brazil often learn and incorporate the crawl technique into their training, perpetuating its prevalence in Brazilian MMA.


The crawl technique holds numerous advantages for Brazilian fighters in MMA. It provides them with superior ground control, flexibility, and mobility, enabling effective grappling, submissions, and defensive maneuvers. Additionally, it offers a psychological advantage and reflects the rich martial arts culture of Brazil. As Brazilian fighters continue to dominate the MMA scene, the crawl technique remains an integral part of their arsenal.

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