why did amanda nunes leave mma masters

why did amanda nunes leave mma masters

Amanda Nunes, one of the most dominant fighters in the history of women’s mixed martial arts (MMA), shocked the world when she announced her departure from MMA Masters, the renowned training camp that had been her home for years. This decision left fans and experts wondering about the reasons behind her departure. In this article, we will explore various aspects that might have contributed to Nunes’ departure from MMA Masters.

Lack of Challenges

One possible reason for Nunes’ departure could be the lack of new challenges at MMA Masters. After achieving numerous victories and defending her titles, Nunes may have felt a need to seek new opponents and experiences elsewhere. The absence of fresh competition could have led to a sense of stagnation in her career.

Furthermore, staying at the same training camp for an extended period might have limited Nunes’ growth as a fighter. Exploring new training methods and sparring partners could have been crucial for her continued development and evolution as an athlete.

Desire for Change

Another factor that could have influenced Nunes’ decision is her desire for change. Fighters often seek new environments to reignite their passion and motivation. Nunes might have felt the need to explore different training philosophies, coaching styles, and facilities to challenge herself in new ways.

Additionally, a change in scenery can provide a fresh perspective and help fighters overcome mental and physical plateaus. Nunes might have believed that leaving MMA Masters would offer her the opportunity to grow and evolve in her career.

Personal Conflicts

Personal conflicts within the training camp could have played a significant role in Nunes’ departure. Disagreements with coaches, teammates, or management could have created a toxic environment that hindered her performance and overall happiness. If Nunes felt unsupported or undervalued, it would be understandable for her to seek a more positive and supportive atmosphere elsewhere.

Moreover, conflicts can arise due to differences in training methods or strategies. If Nunes and her coaches had diverging opinions on how to approach fights or develop her skills, it could have led to frustration and a breakdown in the coach-athlete relationship.

Financial Considerations

Financial considerations might have also influenced Nunes’ decision. While she has undoubtedly achieved great success in her career, fighters often have limited earning potential compared to other professional athletes. Nunes might have received more lucrative offers from other training camps or organizations, prompting her to explore new opportunities.

Additionally, sponsorship deals and endorsement opportunities can vary depending on a fighter’s training camp and visibility. Nunes might have believed that leaving MMA Masters would open doors to more significant financial rewards and endorsements.

Seeking a New Support System

Every fighter requires a strong support system to thrive in their career. Nunes might have felt the need to surround herself with a new group of coaches, teammates, and mentors who could provide fresh insights and guidance. A different training camp might offer her a network of individuals who can push her to new heights and provide the support she needs.

Furthermore, Nunes might have wanted to train with fighters who can challenge her in different ways. By joining a new camp, she could have access to a wider range of training partners with diverse styles and skill sets, enhancing her overall growth as a fighter.


Amanda Nunes’ departure from MMA Masters could be attributed to a combination of factors, including a lack of challenges, a desire for change, personal conflicts, financial considerations, and the need for a new support system. While her departure might have come as a surprise, it is essential to respect her decision and acknowledge that fighters must make choices that align with their goals and aspirations. Only time will tell how this change will impact Nunes’ career, but fans can anticipate exciting new chapters in her journey.

why did amanda nunes leave mma masters

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