why can’t mma fighters use vaseline

why can’t mma fighters use vaseline

Why Can’t MMA Fighters Use Vaseline?

There are several reasons why MMA fighters are not allowed to use Vaseline during their fights. These reasons range from safety concerns to maintaining fairness in the sport. Let’s explore some of the main factors that contribute to this rule.

Safety Concerns

One of the primary reasons why Vaseline is prohibited in MMA fights is due to safety concerns. Vaseline is a greasy substance that can make the fighter’s skin slippery, increasing the risk of accidental slips or falls during the fight. This poses a significant danger to both the fighters and the officials present in the octagon.

Additionally, the use of Vaseline can create an increased risk of eye injuries. If Vaseline gets into a fighter’s eyes, it can cause temporary vision impairment, making it difficult for them to defend themselves or accurately judge their opponent’s movements. This can lead to serious injuries and potentially impact the outcome of the fight.

Maintaining Fairness

Another crucial aspect of banning Vaseline in MMA fights is to maintain fairness among the fighters. Vaseline can be used to create an unfair advantage by making it harder for opponents to maintain a grip or secure submissions. This can create an imbalance in the fight and undermine the integrity of the sport.

Furthermore, the use of Vaseline can make it challenging for fighters to execute certain techniques properly. For example, applying Vaseline to the face can make it difficult for fighters to secure chokes or maintain control during ground and pound situations. By prohibiting the use of Vaseline, the sport ensures that fighters rely solely on their skills and techniques rather than artificial aids.

Regulation and Consistency

The prohibition of Vaseline in MMA fights also helps maintain regulation and consistency across different events. By having a universal rule against Vaseline, fighters can compete on a level playing field regardless of the location or organization hosting the fight.

Moreover, the absence of Vaseline ensures that all fighters are subject to the same pre-fight preparations and regulations. This promotes fairness and prevents any potential advantages or disadvantages based on individual preferences or practices.

why can't mma fighters use vaseline

Medical Concerns

Vaseline can interfere with medical treatments and procedures that may be necessary during a fight. If a fighter sustains a cut or injury, medical professionals need a clean and dry surface to assess and treat the wounds effectively. The presence of Vaseline can hinder these procedures, potentially delaying medical attention and jeopardizing the fighter’s health.

Additionally, Vaseline can contaminate the gloves, making it difficult for medical professionals to apply necessary medications or dressings. This can further exacerbate injuries and increase the risk of infection.

Preventing Unintentional Fouls

The use of Vaseline can inadvertently lead to fouls during a fight. For example, if a fighter applies Vaseline to their face and inadvertently touches their opponent’s eyes, it can result in an unintentional eye poke. Eye pokes are already a significant concern in MMA, and the use of Vaseline can exacerbate this issue, potentially causing severe injuries.

By prohibiting Vaseline, the sport aims to minimize the risk of unintentional fouls and ensure the safety of all fighters involved.


Vaseline is not allowed in MMA fights for several reasons, including safety concerns, maintaining fairness, promoting regulation and consistency, addressing medical concerns, and preventing unintentional fouls. By enforcing this rule, the sport can prioritize the well-being of the fighters and ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

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