will mattress fit in short box truck

When it comes to transporting goods, having the right vehicle is crucial. One common question that arises is whether a mattress will fit in a short box truck. In this article, we will explore this topic from various angles, considering factors such as truck dimensions, mattress sizes, and potential challenges that may arise during transportation.

Truck Dimensions

Short box trucks typically have a bed length of around 6 to 7 feet. The width of the bed varies depending on the make and model of the truck. It is important to measure the dimensions of both the mattress and the truck bed to determine if they are compatible. Additionally, consider the height of the truck bed as it may impact the ability to load the mattress.

Mattress Sizes

Mattresses come in various sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. Twin mattresses are the smallest, measuring approximately 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Full mattresses are slightly wider at around 54 inches, while queen mattresses measure approximately 60 inches wide. King mattresses are the largest, measuring around 76 inches wide. It is essential to know the size of the mattress you are transporting to determine if it will fit in the truck bed.

will mattress fit in short box truck

Transportation Challenges

Transporting a mattress in a short box truck may present a few challenges. One challenge is maneuvering the mattress into the truck bed due to its size and weight. Additionally, securing the mattress to prevent it from shifting during transportation is crucial. Without proper securing, the mattress may get damaged or cause accidents while on the road.

Securing the Mattress

Properly securing the mattress is essential for safe transportation. Using ratchet straps or bungee cords can help keep the mattress in place. It is recommended to secure the mattress from multiple angles to prevent any movement during transit. Padding the edges of the truck bed with blankets or foam can also provide extra protection and prevent the mattress from sliding around.

Alternative Transportation Methods

If the mattress does not fit in the short box truck, there are alternative transportation methods to consider. Renting a larger truck or van with sufficient space is one option. Another option is hiring a professional moving service that specializes in transporting mattresses and furniture. These professionals have the necessary equipment and experience to ensure safe transportation.

Disassembling the Mattress

In some cases, disassembling the mattress may be necessary to fit it into a short box truck. This can involve removing the mattress from its frame or folding it in half if possible. However, disassembling the mattress may not be suitable for all types, especially those with integrated components or complex structures. It is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to disassemble the mattress.

Considerations for Pickup Trucks

While short box trucks are commonly used for transportation, pickup trucks with open beds can also be utilized. Pickup trucks provide more flexibility in terms of length and width. However, securing the mattress becomes even more critical in an open bed, as there are no walls to prevent shifting during transit. Using tie-down straps and covers specifically designed for pickup truck beds can help ensure safe transportation.


Transporting a mattress in a short box truck requires careful consideration of truck dimensions, mattress sizes, and proper securing methods. While it may be possible to fit a mattress in a short box truck, alternative transportation methods should be explored if the dimensions do not align. Safety should always be a priority, and taking necessary precautions will help ensure a successful and damage-free transport.

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