why do boxing referees wipe gloves

why do boxing referees wipe gloves

Boxing referees play a crucial role in ensuring fair and safe competition. One of the tasks they perform is wiping the gloves of the boxers during the match. This article aims to explore the reasons why boxing referees wipe gloves, considering various aspects of the sport.

1. Hygiene

why do boxing referees wipe gloves

Boxing is a physically demanding sport that involves close contact between competitors. Wiping the gloves helps maintain hygiene by removing sweat, blood, or any other substances that may accumulate on the surface of the gloves during the match.

2. Visibility

Wiping the gloves improves visibility for both the referees and the judges. Accumulated sweat or blood on the gloves can obstruct the view of the fighters’ hand movements, making it difficult to accurately assess punches and determine the outcome of the match.

3. Grip

Boxing gloves are designed to provide cushioning and protection to the hands. However, during the match, sweat can make the gloves slippery, affecting the boxer’s grip and potentially leading to accidental slips or reduced punching accuracy. Wiping the gloves helps maintain a secure grip.

4. Safety

Wiping the gloves is crucial for the safety of the boxers. Blood or other bodily fluids on the gloves can increase the risk of infection if they come into contact with cuts or open wounds. By regularly wiping the gloves, referees minimize the chances of such infections.

5. Fairness

Wiping the gloves ensures fairness in boxing matches. If one boxer’s gloves are excessively sweaty or bloodied, it can give them an unfair advantage by making their punches more difficult to evade or block. Regularly wiping both boxers’ gloves helps maintain a level playing field.

6. Sportsmanship

Wiping the gloves is considered an act of sportsmanship. It shows respect for the sport, the opponents, and the rules. By taking care of the gloves and ensuring they are clean, referees contribute to the overall integrity and spirit of boxing.

7. Psychological Impact

Wiping the gloves can have a psychological impact on the boxers. It provides a brief pause in the match, allowing them to catch their breath and refocus. This momentary break can help regulate emotions, reduce fatigue, and enhance the overall quality of the competition.

8. Preventing Accidental Fouls

During intense boxing matches, accidental fouls can occur. Wiping the gloves helps remove any substances that may have unintentionally transferred from the gloves to other parts of the body, such as the face or eyes, reducing the risk of accidental fouls and potential injuries.

9. Maintaining Equipment

Wiping the gloves is part of maintaining the boxing equipment. By keeping the gloves clean and free from excessive moisture or debris, their lifespan can be prolonged, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving costs for both the boxers and the organizers.


Wiping the gloves is an essential task performed by boxing referees. It serves multiple purposes, including hygiene, visibility, grip maintenance, safety, fairness, sportsmanship, psychological impact, prevention of accidental fouls, and equipment maintenance. By ensuring clean gloves, referees contribute to the overall integrity, fairness, and safety of the sport.

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