where to buy clear shoe boxes philippines

where to buy clear shoe boxes philippines

Where to Buy Clear Shoe Boxes in the Philippines

When it comes to organizing your shoe collection, clear shoe boxes are a popular choice. They allow you to easily see and access your shoes while keeping them protected and dust-free. If you’re in the Philippines and looking to purchase clear shoe boxes, here are some options to consider:

1. Department Stores

Many department stores in the Philippines offer a wide range of storage solutions, including clear shoe boxes. Stores like SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, and Landmark have dedicated home organization sections where you can find these boxes. They often come in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Additionally, department stores may offer discounts or promotions on these items, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any deals.

2. Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores like Ace Hardware and True Value also carry clear shoe boxes. These stores usually have a dedicated storage and organization aisle where you can find various types of containers, including clear shoe boxes. The advantage of shopping at these stores is that they often have a wider selection of sizes and styles to choose from.

Furthermore, home improvement stores may offer additional storage solutions, such as shoe racks or closet organizers, which can complement your clear shoe boxes.

3. Online Marketplaces

where to buy clear shoe boxes philippines

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are several online marketplaces in the Philippines where you can buy clear shoe boxes. Websites like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora have a wide range of options available. You can browse through different brands, compare prices, and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.

When purchasing from online marketplaces, it’s important to check the seller’s ratings and reviews to ensure a reliable and satisfactory shopping experience.

4. Specialty Stores

There are also specialty stores in the Philippines that focus on storage and organization solutions. These stores often have a wide selection of clear shoe boxes, catering to different needs and preferences. One such store is The Container Store, which offers a variety of clear shoe boxes in different sizes and designs.

Shopping at specialty stores allows you to explore unique and innovative storage options that may not be available in regular retail stores.

5. Online Retailers

In addition to online marketplaces, there are also online retailers that specialize in storage and organization products. Websites like Storage Solutions Philippines and Organize PH offer a variety of clear shoe boxes, as well as other storage solutions for different areas of your home.

These online retailers often provide detailed product descriptions and images to help you make an informed decision. They may also offer discounts or promotions, making it a cost-effective option for purchasing clear shoe boxes.

6. Local Craft Stores

Local craft stores or hobby shops may also stock clear shoe boxes. These stores often cater to individuals who enjoy DIY projects or have specific storage needs. Clear shoe boxes can be used for various purposes, such as organizing craft supplies or small accessories.

Visiting local craft stores not only allows you to find clear shoe boxes but also provides an opportunity to explore other creative storage solutions.


When it comes to buying clear shoe boxes in the Philippines, there are several options available. Whether you prefer to shop at department stores, home improvement stores, online marketplaces, specialty stores, online retailers, or local craft stores, you can find a wide range of clear shoe boxes to suit your needs and preferences. Consider factors such as price, size, design, and customer reviews to make an informed decision and keep your shoe collection organized.

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