who won the youtube boxing matches august 25 2018

who won the youtube boxing matches august 25 2018

On August 25, 2018, a series of highly anticipated boxing matches took place on YouTube. The event attracted a massive online audience and generated significant buzz. In this article, we will delve into the details of these matches and reveal the winners.

The Main Event: KSI vs. Logan Paul

The most anticipated match of the night was between KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Logan Paul, two prominent YouTube personalities. Both fighters had been training for months and had engaged in a heated online rivalry. The fight took place at the Manchester Arena in England.

The bout lasted for six rounds and showcased the determination and skill of both fighters. KSI, known for his powerful punches, managed to land several significant blows on Logan Paul. However, Paul’s agility and defensive techniques helped him withstand the onslaught.

After a closely contested match, the judges declared the fight a majority draw. While some fans were disappointed by the lack of a clear winner, others praised the fighters for their efforts and sportsmanship.

The Undercard Matches

Aside from the main event, the YouTube boxing matches featured several undercard fights that provided entertainment and excitement for the audience. Let’s take a closer look at some of these matches and their winners.

Deji vs. Jake Paul

who won the youtube boxing matches august 25 2018

Deji Olatunji, KSI’s younger brother, squared off against Jake Paul, Logan Paul’s younger brother. The match was highly anticipated due to the ongoing rivalry between their siblings. Deji showcased his determination and resilience, but Jake’s superior technique and precision punches secured him the victory.

JMX vs. Coach Richard

JMX, a popular YouTube personality, faced off against Coach Richard, a fitness instructor. Despite JMX’s efforts, Coach Richard’s boxing experience and skill proved to be too much to handle. Richard emerged as the winner of this match.

Momo vs. RossiHD

Momo, a FIFA YouTuber, and RossiHD, a FIFA player and content creator, engaged in a friendly boxing match. The bout showcased their dedication to fitness and their willingness to step out of their comfort zones. In the end, Momo’s speed and agility helped him secure the victory.

The Impact of the Matches

The YouTube boxing matches on August 25, 2018, had a significant impact on the online community and the boxing world. The event attracted millions of viewers, highlighting the growing popularity of internet-based content creators.

Furthermore, the matches brought attention to the sport of boxing and introduced a new audience to the discipline. The event also sparked discussions about the potential future of YouTube boxing and whether it could become a legitimate platform for professional fights.

Overall, the matches demonstrated the power of online influence and the ability of YouTube personalities to engage and entertain their audience in unconventional ways.


The YouTube boxing matches on August 25, 2018, provided a thrilling night of entertainment for fans around the world. While the main event between KSI and Logan Paul ended in a majority draw, the undercard matches showcased the talent and determination of various YouTube personalities.

These matches not only captivated viewers but also brought attention to the sport of boxing and the potential for unconventional platforms to host professional fights. The impact of this event will continue to be felt in the online community and may pave the way for future YouTube boxing events.

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