who won the first boxing match

who won the first boxing match

Boxing is a combat sport that has been popular for centuries. The first boxing match, which took place in ancient times, is still a subject of debate among historians and boxing enthusiasts. While there is no definitive answer, several theories and accounts provide insights into who might have won the first boxing match.

Ancient Origins of Boxing

Boxing traces its origins back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In these early times, boxing matches were often part of religious ceremonies or celebrations. The rules and techniques of boxing varied across different cultures, making it challenging to determine a clear winner in the first match.

Egyptian Boxing

One theory suggests that the first boxing match took place in ancient Egypt. Egyptian boxing was a brutal sport where fighters used their fists, as well as wrapped hands, to strike their opponents. The match likely ended when one fighter was unable to continue or was knocked unconscious. However, due to the limited historical records, it is difficult to identify a specific winner.

Ancient Greek Boxing

who won the first boxing match

Ancient Greece also played a significant role in the development of boxing. Greek boxing matches, known as Pygmachia, were a popular form of entertainment during the Olympic Games. These matches had strict rules, including the use of leather straps to protect the fighters’ hands. While there are accounts of winners in Greek boxing matches, it is uncertain if any of these were the first-ever boxing match.

Roman Boxing

During the Roman Empire, boxing matches became even more organized and regulated. Fighters would wrap their hands with leather straps, called cestus, embedded with metal studs or spikes. These matches often ended with severe injuries or even death. While there are records of winners in Roman boxing matches, the first match is still a subject of speculation.

Asian Martial Arts Influence

Another theory suggests that the origins of boxing can be traced back to Asian martial arts. Ancient martial arts styles such as Muay Thai in Thailand and Kung Fu in China involved striking techniques similar to boxing. However, determining a winner in the first boxing match influenced by these martial arts styles is challenging due to the lack of historical documentation.

Unrecorded Matches

It is also possible that the first boxing match was never recorded. In ancient times, many matches took place in local communities or as private contests between individuals. These matches might not have been documented, making it impossible to determine a clear winner.


While the question of who won the first boxing match remains unanswered, it is clear that boxing has a rich and diverse history spanning across different cultures. The origins of boxing can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but the lack of detailed historical records makes it difficult to identify a specific winner. Nevertheless, the sport of boxing has evolved over time, becoming a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions around the world.

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