who won the boxing match saturday night

who won the boxing match saturday night

The Boxing Match on Saturday Night: Who Won?

On Saturday night, the highly anticipated boxing match took place between two of the biggest names in the sport. Fans from all over the world tuned in to watch the match, which had been hyped up for weeks. But the question on everyone’s mind was: who won?

The Fighters

The two fighters facing off were none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather, who had an undefeated record of 47-0 going into the match, was the favorite to win. Pacquiao, on the other hand, had a record of 57-6-2 and was known for his speed and power.

The Match

The match was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and was broadcasted on pay-per-view. It was a 12-round bout, with both fighters putting up a good fight. Mayweather was known for his defensive style, while Pacquiao was more aggressive and focused on throwing punches.

The Scorecard

After 12 rounds of intense fighting, the judges had to make a decision. The scorecard was announced, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. was declared the winner by unanimous decision. The judges scored the match 118-110, 116-112, and 116-112 in favor of Mayweather.

The Reaction

The reaction to the decision was mixed. While many fans were happy that Mayweather had won, others felt that Pacquiao had been robbed. Some even accused the judges of being biased towards Mayweather.

The Stats

Looking at the stats, Mayweather had landed 148 punches out of 435 thrown, while Pacquiao had landed 81 out of 429 thrown. Mayweather had also thrown more jabs, while Pacquiao had thrown more power punches.

who won the boxing match saturday night

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the match was filled with controversy. Pacquiao revealed that he had been fighting with a shoulder injury, which had affected his performance. Some fans called for a rematch, while others felt that the outcome of the match was final.

The Legacy

Regardless of the controversy, the match will go down in history as one of the biggest in boxing. Mayweather’s undefeated record remains intact, and he solidified his place as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Pacquiao, on the other hand, will always be remembered for his speed and power, and for his contribution to the sport of boxing.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the winner of the boxing match on Saturday night was Floyd Mayweather Jr. He won by unanimous decision, and while the decision was controversial, it was final. The match will go down in history as one of the biggest in boxing, and both Mayweather and Pacquiao will be remembered for their contribution to the sport.

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