who won the boxing match logan or floyd

who won the boxing match logan or floyd

The highly anticipated boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather took place on June 6, 2021. The event garnered significant attention from fans and boxing enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the match and analyze who emerged as the winner.

Physical Attributes

Both Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather possess distinct physical attributes that played a crucial role in the match. Logan, known for his towering height and impressive reach, had a significant advantage in terms of size. On the other hand, Mayweather, renowned for his speed and agility, relied on his quick reflexes and defensive skills.

Experience and Skill

Mayweather, a legendary boxer with an undefeated record, brought his vast experience and skill into the ring. His strategic approach and technical prowess have earned him numerous victories throughout his career. Logan, relatively new to professional boxing, relied on his athleticism and determination to put up a strong fight.

Strategy and Tactics

Mayweather, known for his defensive style, employed his signature tactics of evading punches and counterattacking. He relied on his superior footwork and head movement to frustrate his opponents. Logan, on the other hand, aimed to utilize his size advantage by throwing powerful punches and maintaining pressure on Mayweather.

Power and Accuracy

Logan’s size and strength allowed him to generate significant power behind his punches. Throughout the match, he landed several heavy blows on Mayweather, showcasing his raw power. However, Mayweather’s defensive skills and accuracy enabled him to evade many of Logan’s punches and counter with precision.

Endurance and Stamina

Both fighters displayed remarkable endurance and stamina throughout the match. Logan, despite his relative inexperience, managed to keep up the intensity and energy levels. Mayweather, a seasoned professional, showcased his ability to maintain a high level of performance even in the later rounds.

Entertainment Value

The match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather provided an entertaining spectacle for fans. The clash between a YouTube personality and a boxing legend generated immense curiosity and excitement. The exhibition match format, while lacking the intensity of a professional bout, offered a unique blend of sports and entertainment.

Judges’ Decision

who won the boxing match logan or floyd

As the match concluded, no official winner was declared. The exhibition bout was not scored by judges, and a knockout or technical knockout was not expected. Therefore, the result was a draw, leaving both Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather without a clear victory.

Outcome and Public Opinion

The outcome of the match sparked mixed reactions among fans and the general public. Some believed that Logan Paul’s performance against a boxing legend like Mayweather was commendable, while others argued that Mayweather’s experience and skill were evident throughout the match.

Legacy and Impact

The match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the world of boxing. It opened up discussions about the intersection of professional sports and digital influencers. Additionally, it generated significant revenue and showcased the potential for crossover events in the future.


In conclusion, the boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather ended in a draw. Both fighters showcased their unique strengths and skills, providing an entertaining spectacle for fans. While no official winner was declared, the match’s impact on the sport and public opinion was significant.

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