who won the boxing match between canelo and saunders

who won the boxing match between canelo and saunders

The boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders was highly anticipated by fans and experts alike. Both fighters had impressive records and a strong fan base, making this match a must-watch event. In this article, we will delve into the details of the match and analyze who emerged as the winner.

Fighter Background

Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican professional boxer, entered the match with an impressive record of 55 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. He is known for his powerful punches, excellent counter-attacks, and exceptional defense. On the other hand, Billy Joe Saunders, a British professional boxer, boasted a record of 30 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw. Saunders is renowned for his slick boxing skills, footwork, and ability to frustrate opponents with his defensive tactics.

Pre-Fight Hype

The build-up to the match was filled with excitement and hype. Both fighters engaged in a war of words, fueling the anticipation among fans. Canelo was confident in his abilities and expressed his determination to emerge victorious. Saunders, on the other hand, was confident in his defensive skills and vowed to give Canelo a tough challenge.

The Fight

who won the boxing match between canelo and saunders

The fight took place on a grand stage, with a packed arena and millions of viewers around the world. Both fighters entered the ring with determination and focus. The match started with a flurry of punches from both sides, showcasing their skills and technique. Canelo’s power and accuracy were evident, as he landed several clean shots on Saunders. However, Saunders displayed his defensive prowess, slipping and dodging many of Canelo’s punches.

Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1: Both fighters started cautiously, feeling each other out. Canelo landed a few powerful punches, but Saunders managed to evade most of them with his slick footwork.

Round 2: Canelo continued to press the attack, landing some solid shots to Saunders’ body. Saunders retaliated with quick jabs and counter-attacks, keeping the round competitive.

Round 3: Canelo’s power punches started to take a toll on Saunders, who began to show signs of fatigue. However, Saunders managed to land some clean shots of his own, keeping the fight interesting.

Round 4: Canelo’s relentless pressure and accurate punches began to wear down Saunders. Canelo dominated the round, landing a series of powerful combinations.

Round 5: Saunders tried to regain control, utilizing his defensive skills to frustrate Canelo. However, Canelo’s power punches continued to find their mark, causing visible damage to Saunders.

Round 6: Canelo unleashed a barrage of punches, overwhelming Saunders. The referee had to step in and stop the fight, declaring Canelo Alvarez as the winner by technical knockout.

Post-Fight Analysis

Canelo’s victory was a testament to his skill, power, and determination. He effectively neutralized Saunders’ defensive tactics and showcased his ability to adapt and dominate the fight. Saunders’ performance was commendable, but he was unable to withstand Canelo’s relentless assault.


In the highly anticipated boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders, Canelo emerged as the winner by technical knockout in the sixth round. Canelo’s power, accuracy, and relentless pressure proved too much for Saunders to handle. Both fighters displayed their skills and determination, making it an exciting match for boxing fans around the world.

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